Isibaya is a South African show produced by Multichoice/ DSTV, intended to last only a year as a telenovela. But it garnered so much support from viewers that it was extended into a full soap opera. (Photo/ Facebook/ Isibaya Mzansi Magic)

Africa on Twitter: Top Trends in South Africa, Jan – Jun 2016. Radio, TV And Parties Top

On South African Twitter, the top 10 trends are shared almost equally between radio shows and television shows. One is a weekly party held on Sundays – and that gives us a small hint about South African ‘celebrity culture’

Siyanda Mohutsiwa speaking on 'social pan-Africanism' at TEDx Amsterdam, Nov 27, 2015. (Photo/Flickr/Renata)

One Year After #IfAfricaWasABar, ‘Social Pan-Africanism’ Makes Quiet Strides

Pan-Africanism is not new, but it has long been an elite project, with the majority of ordinary people having no stake in it. Now, social media offers a way to forge a new sense of solidarity, unmediated by state imaginations.

Twitter and radio intersect: Protestors in London demand the release of leading member of the Biafran independence struggle and director of the London based Radio Biafra, who was detained in Nigeria on 18 October 2015. (Photo/ Flickr/ Alisdare Hickman)

Africa On Twitter: Top Trends In Nigeria, Jan – Jun 2016, Where Radio Rules

Almost all of Nigeria’s top trends (nine out of the top ten) were related to radio shows. Radio commentary lends itself well to the social banter and chatter that characterises Twitter

Adelle Onyango hosts a popular radio show on Kiss FM, the show regularly trends on Twitter under the hashtag #TeamADELLE. (Photo/ Adelle Onyango/ Facebook)

Africa On Twitter: Top Trends In Kenya, Jan – Jun 2016. Radio And TV Are King

We mined all the hashtags that have trended in Kenya over the first six months of 2016, to better gain an insight into the country’s digital atmosphere

The Internet Messenger, by Buky Schwarz. African governments are trying to keep up with a more technologically savvy population, to mixed success. (Photo/ Dr. Avishai Teicher Pikiwiki Israel)

Social Media Blocks In Africa; A Heavy Hand That Hints Of Desperation And Failure

This year alone, there have been at least six instances of blocking internet or social media during elections in Africa, or politically contentious times. Algeria even did it during exam season