The iHub in Nairobi, an innovation and business space for technology enterprenuers. Data hunger in Africa will only get deeper in the coming years. (Photo/iHubFlickr).

‘Money Ain’t A Thing’ For Data-Hungry Africans, At Least Let It Be Fast And Reliable

Mobile network subscribers in countries surveyed view the actual or perceived reliability, coverage and speed of the voice/data network as the most important criteria for choosing an operator; price comes fourth

the countries with the highest fibre optic density are either rich, small or both. (Photo/ Flickr/ Kool)

Fibre Optics In Africa, The World Cup (And How A Little Internet Can Go A Long Way)

Rich countries – and particularly small, rich ones – have more access to ICT and are able to leverage it effectively, and poor countries, less so. In South Africa’s case, hosting the World Cup had something to do with it.