What long seemed impossible is now almost within reach; the control of the HIV pandemic may be achievable.

Imagine A World Without AIDS: Here’s Its Impact on Life Expectancy in Africa

Life expectancy at birth in some countries would increase by a decade or more if we were living in a world without AIDS. Bostwana, proportionally the hardest hit, would see its life expectancy go up by nearly 17 years.

Child marriage in Ethiopia: Bossena (blue t-shirt) got married when she was 15. She’s now divorced. (Photo/ Jessica Lea/ DFID)

Child Marriage In Africa: Tough Bans In Tanzania And The Gambia, But The Problem Is The System

School officials are allowed to expel pregnant girls, and they often do, to prevent the girls being a “bad influence” on others. That means that in most cases, getting married is the only option available to pregnant girls.