Uganda would see huge gains from keeping keeping girls in school longer and ending early marriages. (Photo/Rachel Mabala/World Bank).

Ending Child Marriage Could Generate Nearly $3Bn In Benefits A Year For Uganda’s Population By 2030

Child marriage and early childbearing remain common in Uganda despite laws against them. As many as three in ten Ugandan girls have their first child before their 18th birthday.

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Kinshasa, 2015, capital of DR Congo, and home to about 12 million people is one of the most populous cities in sub-Saharan Africa. (Photo/ Emmanuel Imbanda Lokenga/MONUSCO/Flickr).

There’s A Strong Chance That 33% Of All People In The World Will Be African By 2100

The population of Africa in 2100 will be three, four, five or six times larger than it is today.

Togo: Population Trends

Population distribution is very uneven due to soil and terrain variations. The population is generally concentrated in the south and along the major north-south highway connecting the coast to the Sahel