A Ugandan contingent of the AMISOM forces on the road to Baidoa. (Photo/ AU-UN IST/ Tobin Jones).

Al Shabaab And African Union Forces In A War Of Attrition In Somalia: Who Will Blink First?

Few of AMISOM’s backers want to shoulder the burden of Somalia’s long term stability, several – including Ethiopia – have begun to withdraw their troops. Al-Shabaab will probably quietly wait them out.

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South African police officers. Violence containment costs as a percentage of GDP (including expenditure on the military and personal security) in South Africa is in the region of Somalia's and Sudan's. (Photo/ Wikimedia Commons)

The Economic Cost Of Violence In Africa: Some Rich ‘Peaceful’ Countries Might As Well Be At War

In terms of absolute spending, violence containment costs in Africa roughly correlate with GDP. As a percentage of GDP however, it becomes more complicated: some wealthy countries might as well be at war.