An expectant mother. (Photo/CherieJPhotography/Flickr)

Too Many Women Die During And After Childbirth In Sub-Saharan Africa: Here’s A Fix That Makes Economic Sense

Maternal mortality remains high around the world, with more than 303,000 women dying in pregnancy, childbirth or shortly afterwards. More than half of these deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Many African countries are trying to increase the number of women delivering in a health care facility by a skilled birth attendant. (Photo/ Flickr/ Rod Waddington)

Not A Luxury: Caesarean Sections Save Lives, And Here’s Why Africa Needs More Of Them

In Africa only 7.3% of babies are born via caesarean section, but its a very mixed picture across the continent. Some countries have very high rates such as Egypt (51.8%) and Mauritius (47%), the highest in Africa.