Teaching scouts about HIV at a youth workshop in C.A.R. 82% of adolescents living with HIV are in sub-Sahara Africa. (Photo/ Pierre Holtz for UNICEF)

Boys, Girls And HIV In Africa: Knowledge Is Power (But Not Always)

If a country has a high HIV prevalence, it is correlated with a higher percentage of girls having comprehensive knowledge about HIV/AIDS. For boys, however, their knowledge has a weaker correlation with national prevalence

Joyce Kosolo is a grandmother raising four children while her daughter is looking for work in the city. Her daughter is HIV+, but her grandson Kwanele is negative. Women are more likely to live with HIV than die from it. (Photo/ PWRDF)

More Women Infected, More Men Die: HIV’s Unlikely Gender Story In Africa

Unequal power dynamics make women unable to negotiate for safe sex, or have access to sexual and reproductive health services. But gender norms also discourage men from seeking treatment and sticking to treatment schedules