What long seemed impossible is now almost within reach; the control of the HIV pandemic may be achievable.

Imagine A World Without AIDS: Here’s Its Impact on Life Expectancy in Africa

Life expectancy at birth in some countries would increase by a decade or more if we were living in a world without AIDS. Bostwana, proportionally the hardest hit, would see its life expectancy go up by nearly 17 years.

South African girls from the Star for Life programme, a non-profit organisation with the mission to inspire young people to believe in their dreams for the future and live in an AIDS-free generation. (Photo/ Wikimedia Commons)

Young Women Most At-Risk For HIV Are Not Taking Their Prevention Drugs. Why?

Young women acquire HIV 7-8 years earlier than their male peers. But clinical trials from South Africa show that they are not taking their pre-exposure HIV drugs as prescribed, for it would mean admitting they are having sex

Teaching scouts about HIV at a youth workshop in C.A.R. 82% of adolescents living with HIV are in sub-Sahara Africa. (Photo/ Pierre Holtz for UNICEF)

Boys, Girls And HIV In Africa: Knowledge Is Power (But Not Always)

If a country has a high HIV prevalence, it is correlated with a higher percentage of girls having comprehensive knowledge about HIV/AIDS. For boys, however, their knowledge has a weaker correlation with national prevalence