Market woman in Nairobi, Kenya. The prices of fresh produce in the city have risen rapidly in the past ten years. (Photo/ Pixabay)

Tomatoes And Carrots Are An Early Warning Signal Of What’s Wrong With Africa’s Cities. Seriously

In many cities, fresh produce is often transported either by handcart or by motorcycle. Though on the surface they seem cheap, they are hugely inefficient from a technological perspective, and there’s a big cost to it

Chicken jollof. Urban consumers eat more meat, fruit and vegetables than rural ones do. (Photo/ Flickr/ Joan Nova)

The Garden, Or The Vegetables? The Irony Of Urban/Rural Food Consumption In West Africa

City dwellers eat more fruits, vegetables, meat and fish that those living in the rural areas; consumption of cereals and pulses is lower. It’s counter-intuitive, as one might expect a rural diet to be richer in fresh produce