A moment of joy in a bleak Mogadishu IDP camp. (Photo/Tobin Jones/AU UN IST).

Millions In Peril: Somalia’s Climate Change Refugees Hang By The Thread In Mogadishu

In December last year, bulldozers demolished homes and schools in 21 IDP settlements on the outskirts of Mogadishu, forcing more than 5,000 families to flee further from the city some to al-Shabaab-controlled areas

Arid soils in Mauritania: crops often fail because severe drought leaving the Sahel region facing major food crises, affecting thousands of people. (Photo/Pablo Tosco/Oxfam/Flickr).

Climate Change Apartheid: People In Poor Nations 5 Times More Likely To Be Displaced Than Those In Rich Ones

The data is worrying: since the 1970s, the amount of human displacement due to natural disasters has doubled.

For some Senegalese salt is good business. For its farmers, it's a nightmare. (Photo/Yoann Gauthier/Flickr).

These Senegalese Women Are Fighting And Winning The Battle Against A Major But Unusual Climate Change Threat – Salt

Almost 60 anti-salt dykes have been built across four regions of Senegal, allowing some 7,000 hectares of once-toxic land to be farmed.