Ethiopia has seen much physical development and economic growth in the past decade. But the rose tints may be fading. (Photo/Simon Davis/DFID)

Not Long Ago, Ethiopians Said Their Country Was More Democratic Than Botswana, Ghana Or Mauritius

But it seems Ethiopians define ‘democracy’ more instrumentally, in terms of provision of material welfare or effective governance, rather than intrinsically — that is, protecting individual freedoms or following procedures

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The Ethiopian battalion of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) in 2008. (UN Photo/Christopher Herwig).

Supplying Peace (For A Reason): Africa Troop Contributions To UN Peacekeeping Missions

By sending troops, developing countries like India, Brazil, Ethiopia and Rwanda are bargaining for a seat at the table with what they have. They may not have the money, but they have the bodies.