Classroom in Burkina Faso: The 'average' African primary school classroom has 41 pupils and one teacher. (Photo/ Jessica Lea/DFID).

Crowded Classrooms: In Some African Countries, It’s 60 Pupils Or More For One Teacher

Education quality has not kept up with demand in Africa; in some cases the situation so dire that pupils in school are not much better off than those who missed school.

A calf crosses the border between Botswana and Zambia. Uneducated people - who may work in agriculture with animals like these - are the most likely to be in favour of free movement across borders in Africa. (Photo/ Flickr/ Mario Micklisch)

The Most Cosmopolitan African Is The Illiterate Villager. Seriously

You might imagine that a university or college education would give you a broader, more cosmopolitan worldview; that the more educated you are, the less parochial you would become. The data suggests otherwise.

A burning school. Kenyan students have become world champions at torching their school buildings, especially dormitories. (Photo/River Mc Gregor/Flickr). BURNING SCHOOL

Kenya’s School Arson Crisis: Fire Will Get You Listened To, And Students Know It

It is part of a broader reactionary mode of governance, which teenagers are already aware of – that citizen initiatives are ignored until they pose a direct threat to property and the public peace.

Child marriage in Ethiopia: Bossena (blue t-shirt) got married when she was 15. She’s now divorced. (Photo/ Jessica Lea/ DFID)

Child Marriage In Africa: Tough Bans In Tanzania And The Gambia, But The Problem Is The System

School officials are allowed to expel pregnant girls, and they often do, to prevent the girls being a “bad influence” on others. That means that in most cases, getting married is the only option available to pregnant girls.