Protesters in Sudan demanding the end of military rule. (Photo/EPA-EFE/Stringer).

When The Camel’s Back Broke: How Sudan’s Economic Crisis Had A Role In Protests That Toppled al-Bashir

Since 2011, with the independence of the south, Sudan’s oil revenues have shrunk by 75%. With the trebling of the price of bread last December, and the rate of inflation hovering around 70%, the camels back was finally broken.

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KFC in Harare has shut down. (Photo/Aaron Ufumeli/ EPA-EFE).

Zimbabwe’s Economy Is Tanking: Why Mnangagwa Is Just Not Able To Fix It

The Mnangagwa regime could try to take ill-gotten gains away from Mugabe and Grace Mugabe, as Malaysias new government is doing to its previous kleptocratic prime minister and his wife.