Cranes load containers at the port of Mombasa in March 2012. Technology has changed a lot since then. (Photo/ Flickr/ Fredrick Onyango)

Uganda’s Customs Hack: Technology Delivers Big Gains In Trade

A new customs management system means time of transit from Mombasa to Uganda has dropped from 21 days to just 4 days, boosting market competitiveness and lowering the cost of doing business.

A calf crosses the border between Botswana and Zambia. Uneducated people - who may work in agriculture with animals like these - are the most likely to be in favour of free movement across borders in Africa. (Photo/ Flickr/ Mario Micklisch)

The Most Cosmopolitan African Is The Illiterate Villager. Seriously

You might imagine that a university or college education would give you a broader, more cosmopolitan worldview; that the more educated you are, the less parochial you would become. The data suggests otherwise.