Through a net: refugees arrive at a camp in Arua District, Northern Uganda. A UN audit reveals errors and mismanagement totalling tens of millions of dollars of refugee funds in the country. (Photo/Mark Garten).

First Uganda Was Very Nice To Refugees – Then It Stole From Them In Massive Fraud And Corruption

The audit also found stockpiled goods, more lying idle than had been distributed in the previous 12 months, including 288,000 blankets and 50,000 wheelbarrows.

Oil Polluted Lands Over Twice The Size Of Seychelles In Nigeria. Can East Africa Escape The Curse?

The Uganda oil pipeline through Tanzania should be made into a bigger prosperity corridor, with fibre optics, roads, railways and food silos.

Pemba in northern Mozambique has seen a surge of new arrivals in step with investments to exploit off-shore gas deposits. (Photo/Flickr).

Why Natural Resource Discoveries Are More Than Just A Curse: The Case Of Mozambique

Mozambiques offshore natural gas discoveries in the Rovuma basin since 2009 have been nothing short of prolific. They are now valued at approximately 50 times the countrys gross domestic product.

Man of the moment: Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa's deputy president and leader of ruling party ANC. (Photo/GCIS).

The Last Days Of Zuma: South Africa’s Future Depends On How Ramaphosa Works His ‘Magic’

Ramaphosa has been dealt a weak hand but he has proven to be an adept strategist.