How Chinese authorities choose to act in response to potential speculator strategies is crucial for improving the probability of elephant survival. (Photo/ Flickr' Bas Leenders)

Game Theory And China’s Ivory Ban: Scenarios That Could Save Africa’s Elephants – Or Lead To Their Extinction

We employed reasoning informed by game theory to figure out whether elephant poaching is likely to increase or decrease under each China policy scenario in the future

A leopard, one of Africa's 'Big Five': Surprisingly little attention has been paid to how the world shares the burden of conserving these charismatic species. (Photo/ Flickr/ Mathias)

Think Africans Don’t Love Wildlife? You’d Be Wrong – Poorer Countries Do More To Conserve Large Mammals

Although challenged by poverty and instability in many parts of the continent, Africa prioritises and makes more of an effort for large mammal conservation than any other region in the world

The highway connecting Cameroon and Nigeria has brought economic benefits and forest degradation. Arend de Haas/ACF

A Road Gobbles Up A Forest In Cameroon, But Big Data Helps Build A New Generation Of ‘Forest Guardians’

The road connecting Cameroon and Nigeria and extending the Lagos-Mombasa Trans-African Highway has brought social and economic benefits to the local population. But it has also eaten up a forest along the way.

Young mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park. The park is known for its population of the endangered species. (Photo/ Flickr/ Radio Okapi).

Why Fighting Fire With Fire In DRC’s Virunga Park Isn’t Helping Conservation

A plethora of armed groups operates in and around the Virunga National Park. The dominant storyline is that the park contributes to peace building. But the reality on the ground is much more complex