Niger Delta communities have suffered decades-long environmental pollution, state neglect and poverty. (Photo/ Flickr/ StakeholderDemocracy)

Cash For Peace: How Amnesty Efforts In The Niger Delta Triggered A New Violence

Ex-militants preferred to remain enrolled in the amnesty programme and live off its monthly allowance, instead of looking for lower-paying jobs. Then a sharp fall in global oil prices meant that it became more difficult to fund

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The toll that various militia exact on civilian lives in Africa is highly under-appreciated. (Photo/AK Rockefeller/Flickr).

Nigeria’s ‘Neglected’ Conflict; Plus How One American Life Is ‘Equal’ To 80,000 African Lives

Along with Boko Haram and other armed groups, sectarian violence is responsible for over 16,500 civilian deaths in Nigeria over the past five years. That’s 50% more than the recent Ebola epidemic