US Marines conducting a mass casualty exercise at the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti City, Djibouti. (Photo/ Flickr/ Staff Sgt. Samuel Roger)

Rivalry In Horn Of Africa: As Superpower Armies Set Up Shop In Tiny Djibouti, Saudi Arabia Too Comes Knocking

Djibouti at the confluence of three major geopolitical interests: shifting power plays in the Indian Ocean rim featuring Saudi Arabia, China and Iran, a US whose naval dominance is now challenged, and a rising Ethiopia

EUFOR emblem on a soldier’s arm in mission in Sam Ouandja, northeast CAR, on the border with Sudan’s Darfur. Most of the mission's troops were French; since 1960, France has intervened militarily at least 30 times on the continent. (Photo/ Pierre Holtz for UNICEF)

Africa’s ‘Big Brothers’: The US, China, France And Surprise, Surprise, South Africa

Former French colonies are by far the most likely to see the colonial power as most influential, a legacy of the policy of Françafrique. Zimbabwe’s sees China, its friend in need, as most influential

Sunset on a rising city: Addis Ababa has been transformed by an infrastructure boom. (Photo/ Flickr/ Jeff Rebiffé)

Infrastructure Is China’s Sweet Deal For Africa, From A Country That Used More Cement In 3 Years Than The US Did In A Century

China is the largest single source of financing for infrastructure development outside of national budgets in sub-Saharan Africa, contributing over $13.4 billion in the region in 2013 alone