How Chinese authorities choose to act in response to potential speculator strategies is crucial for improving the probability of elephant survival. (Photo/ Flickr' Bas Leenders)

Game Theory And China’s Ivory Ban: Scenarios That Could Save Africa’s Elephants – Or Lead To Their Extinction

We employed reasoning informed by game theory to figure out whether elephant poaching is likely to increase or decrease under each China policy scenario in the future

EUFOR emblem on a soldier’s arm in mission in Sam Ouandja, northeast CAR, on the border with Sudan’s Darfur. Most of the mission's troops were French; since 1960, France has intervened militarily at least 30 times on the continent. (Photo/ Pierre Holtz for UNICEF)

Africa’s ‘Big Brothers’: The US, China, France And Surprise, Surprise, South Africa

Former French colonies are by far the most likely to see the colonial power as most influential, a legacy of the policy of Françafrique. Zimbabwe’s sees China, its friend in need, as most influential

Sunset on a rising city: Addis Ababa has been transformed by an infrastructure boom. (Photo/ Flickr/ Jeff Rebiffé)

Infrastructure Is China’s Sweet Deal For Africa, From A Country That Used More Cement In 3 Years Than The US Did In A Century

China is the largest single source of financing for infrastructure development outside of national budgets in sub-Saharan Africa, contributing over $13.4 billion in the region in 2013 alone