Biafra unrest is the most popular current secessionist call in Nigeria. (Photo/Antony/Flickr).

‘Operation Python Dance’ – 50 Years Later Nigeria’s Iron Fist Against Separatists Is Getting It Nowhere

Several pro-Biafrans have been arrested and the military has been accused of brutality, arbitrary killings and torture. Over 150 were killed on last years Biafran Remembrance Day.

DARFUR: 4 April was International Day of Mine Awareness. In Darfur, as a consequence of conflict, unexploded ordnances - which include land mines, shells and grenades - are a serious risk for civilians, especially children. (Photo/ UNAMID/ Albert Gonzalez Farran)

At A Time Of Chemical Attacks: Explosive Violence And The Most Dangerous Places To Be A Civilian In Africa

Syria isn’t the only place where use of chemical weapons has been reported – Sudan was suspected of using them in Darfur last year. Recent data shows explosive violence has been escalating in Somalia, but dropping in Nigeria