A moment of joy in a bleak Mogadishu IDP camp. (Photo/Tobin Jones/AU UN IST).

Millions In Peril: Somalia’s Climate Change Refugees Hang By The Thread In Mogadishu

In December last year, bulldozers demolished homes and schools in 21 IDP settlements on the outskirts of Mogadishu, forcing more than 5,000 families to flee further from the city some to al-Shabaab-controlled areas

A soldier in France's Barkhane operation in Mali. (Photo/Fred Marie/Flickr).

Africa’s Insecurity Is Leading To A Growing Foreign Military Presence: Time To Ring The Alarm Bells?

There are just too many foreign military actors on the continent busy executing their own agendas.

Sa'di, a five year old girl injured in the Mogadishu attack on October 14, is tended to by her mother at Medina Hospital in Mogadishu. (Photo/Tobin Jones/UN).

2017 Set New Record For Civilian Deaths In Conflict: Somalia Had Worst Incident With 512 Killed By Truck Bomb

Civilian deaths in both Syria and Iraqincreased by over 50%. However,civilian deaths in Somalia increased by 200%, with a surge in IED attacks by militant group al-Shabaab.

A Ugandan contingent of the AMISOM forces on the road to Baidoa. (Photo/ AU-UN IST/ Tobin Jones).

Al Shabaab And African Union Forces In A War Of Attrition In Somalia: Who Will Blink First?

Few of AMISOM’s backers want to shoulder the burden of Somalia’s long term stability, several – including Ethiopia – have begun to withdraw their troops. Al-Shabaab will probably quietly wait them out.