The picturesque lake straddling Rwanda and the DR Congo has a dark side. (Photo/ Flickr/ Steve Evans)

What’s So Special About Kivu? Here’s Why Exploring For Oil In This Little Lake Is A Very Big Deal

There is over 60km of methane gas dissolved in the deep water of the lake; the supersaturated gas would release spontaneously if the deep water was displaced upward – just like a soda bottle pops when it is vigorously shaken

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Sunset dinner on Lake Tanganyika. (Photo/ Flickr/ butforthesky)

10 Million-Year-Old Tanganyika Is The ‘Threatened Lake of 2017’ – Here’s Why It Matters

Excess sedimentation, fishing pressure and climate change are the main culprits to blame for Tanganyika’s troubles – but it is also being eyed by oil and gas explorers