For some Senegalese salt is good business. For its farmers, it's a nightmare. (Photo/Yoann Gauthier/Flickr).

These Senegalese Women Are Fighting And Winning The Battle Against A Major But Unusual Climate Change Threat – Salt

Almost 60 anti-salt dykes have been built across four regions of Senegal, allowing some 7,000 hectares of once-toxic land to be farmed.

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Shopping on an Egyptian street: The middle class concept remained vague and limited to number crunching. (Photo/ Flickr/ Frank Schulenberg)

Will The Real Middle Class In Africa Please Stand Up? Debates Are Clouded In A Conceptual Haze

The so-called middle class in Africa appears to be a muddling class, with ambiguities ranging from politically progressive to status-quo oriented and conservative. But definitions and lived experiences matter