Working in a factory in Asmara, Eritrea: Many professional activities based on the quality of the performance cannot, by their own nature, become more productive. (Photo/ Flickr/ Andrea Moroni)

Rethinking The Nature Of Work: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs, But Here’s A Way Out

The economy is nothing else than a system of social relations. If productivity undermines those relations, the economy itself crumbles, even when profits (at least for someone) may go up.

Credit ratings matter a great deal to South Africa's economy. The financial sector is very large for a country of its size. (Photo/ Flickr/ Frereike)

Africa’s Total Debt Outstanding By Country: Zimbabwe Still In A Very Tight Spot

Sovereign debt is being watched carefully across Africa as a prolonged commodity markets slump and a stronger dollar makes it more difficult for governments to keep up with their repayments.