A patient at Kijabe Mission Hospital, a church-affiliated hospital that has seen a surge in patient numbers since a doctors' strike at public hospitals began in December. (Photo/ Flickr/ SIM USA)

Why Kenya Has Been Unable To End A Two-Month Long Doctors’ Strike

The number of outpatient visits in December 2016 was about half of the average in the previous 6 months, and inpatient visits are down to less than a third of the usual

What long seemed impossible is now almost within reach; the control of the HIV pandemic may be achievable.

Imagine A World Without AIDS: Here’s Its Impact on Life Expectancy in Africa

Life expectancy at birth in some countries would increase by a decade or more if we were living in a world without AIDS. Bostwana, proportionally the hardest hit, would see its life expectancy go up by nearly 17 years.

UNAMID peacekeepers from Nigeria register locals at a clinic in Labado, East Darfur. War and disease are tightly linked in Africa. (Photo/ Albert González Farran, UNAMID)

Want To Understand The Spread Of Disease In Africa? Follow The Gun Shots

The story of sleeping sickness in Uganda tells us why you should definitely invite army generals and warlords to your next medical research conference.