Classroom in Burkina Faso: The 'average' African primary school classroom has 41 pupils and one teacher. (Photo/ Jessica Lea/DFID).

Crowded Classrooms: In Some African Countries, It’s 60 Pupils Or More For One Teacher

Education quality has not kept up with demand in Africa; in some cases the situation so dire that pupils in school are not much better off than those who missed school.

Short-sightedness usually develops in childhood, and occurs when the eye grows excessively long. This results in blurred distant vision.(Photo/Jon-Hyams/Orbis/Flickr).

An ‘Epidemic Of Eyeglasses’ Is Coming Your Way: Here’s Why Africa Needs To Pay Attention

By 2050, myopia in Africa will increase five to sevenfold from prevalence rates estimated in 2000. In the next 35 years, most African countries will have over 25% of the population needing corrective glasses.

Students at the National University of Lesotho. (Photo/ Flickr/ K. Kendall)

Africa’s Scientific Research Output: Where ‘Small’ Countries Punch Above Their Weight

In Africa, countries that have a relatively sound higher education system are necessarily the rich ones. And those whose economies are doing well do not always have the best universities.