Working in a factory in Asmara, Eritrea: Many professional activities based on the quality of the performance cannot, by their own nature, become more productive. (Photo/ Flickr/ Andrea Moroni)

Rethinking The Nature Of Work: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs, But Here’s A Way Out

The economy is nothing else than a system of social relations. If productivity undermines those relations, the economy itself crumbles, even when profits (at least for someone) may go up.

Shopping on an Egyptian street: The middle class concept remained vague and limited to number crunching. (Photo/ Flickr/ Frank Schulenberg)

Will The Real Middle Class In Africa Please Stand Up? Debates Are Clouded In A Conceptual Haze

The so-called middle class in Africa appears to be a muddling class, with ambiguities ranging from politically progressive to status-quo oriented and conservative. But definitions and lived experiences matter

Sunset on a rising city: Addis Ababa has been transformed by an infrastructure boom. (Photo/ Flickr/ Jeff Rebiffé)

Infrastructure Is China’s Sweet Deal For Africa, From A Country That Used More Cement In 3 Years Than The US Did In A Century

China is the largest single source of financing for infrastructure development outside of national budgets in sub-Saharan Africa, contributing over $13.4 billion in the region in 2013 alone

In 2015, many governments dipped into their reserves and pumped dollars into the market to support their respective currencies (Photo/ Flickr/ Abbyflatcoat)

Foreign Currency Reserves In Africa, End-2015; Some Are In Tatters

Though the majority of African countries are in the clear, for those that are not, the data shows there is little relationship between national savings and national wealth, economic size, growth rates, or political stability.