Ominous sunset in Mozambique: Given high rates of infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa such as tuberculosis, HIV and malaria, the global community has historically neglected causes of death such as suicide. (Photo/ Flickr/ Aquila)

Investigating The ‘Suicide Crisis’ In Mozambique – Plus Why More Women Attempt Suicide, But More Men Succeed

Women tended to use less lethal methods such as poisoning, whereas men appear to attempt less often but use more lethal methods such as hanging

Maboneng represents one strand of the type of urban development that's advocated for by the proponents of 'global cities'. (Photo/ Flickr/ SA Tourism)

Taking Over, One Craft Beer And Wood-Fired Pizza At A Time: Gentrifying Inner-City Johannesburg Pushes Out Poor Residents

A city is considered ‘global’ if it has skyscrapers, cafes and malls that adhere to western notions of modernity and development. That doesn’t have to be the case

Sukuma wiki (collard greens) and tomatoes, which have experienced dramatic price surges in the past few months in Kenya. (Photo/Annie Bungeroth/ CAFOD)

Food Price Surge In Kenya Causing Grief, Here’s What It Tells Us About What’s Wrong With African Cities

Kenya’s current food price spike is just the latest in a longer, slower food price inflation that has been unfolding over the past few years, which has something to do with the broader structural problems of African cities

Niger is the main transit country for large-scale smuggling across the Sahara desert towards North Africa. (Photo/ IRIN)

New Report Describes How African Migrants Cross The Sahara In Hopes Of Reaching Europe, But This Year Could Be Different

The moment migrants arrive at Agadez bus station in Niger, they become part of a vibrant smuggling economy. The whole journey to Europe could cost $3000-$5000

Shopping on an Egyptian street: The middle class concept remained vague and limited to number crunching. (Photo/ Flickr/ Frank Schulenberg)

Will The Real Middle Class In Africa Please Stand Up? Debates Are Clouded In A Conceptual Haze

The so-called middle class in Africa appears to be a muddling class, with ambiguities ranging from politically progressive to status-quo oriented and conservative. But definitions and lived experiences matter