Artists like Bob Marley did a lot to make reggae a truly global phenomenon, but but the music is far more significant than its musicians. (Photo/Stephane Damour/Flickr).

Why UNESCO Nailed It When It Added Reggae Music To Its Cultural Heritage List

WHEN in November UNESCO announced that the reggae music of Jamaica had been added to its list of cultural products considered worthy of recognition, it was a reflection on the fact that reggae, which grew from its roots in the backstreets and dance halls of Jamaica, is more than just popular music, but an important social and political phenomenon. Jamaicas …

Understanding that evil forces are governing the actions of those committing violence seems to explain the unexplainable. (Photo/Katie G. Nelson)

Week’s Must Read: South Sudan Refugees Teach Us That You Can’t Live By Bread Alone

For many, religion provides both an explanation for their plight notions of sin and punishment as well as solace and agency.