Through a net: refugees arrive at a camp in Arua District, Northern Uganda. A UN audit reveals errors and mismanagement totalling tens of millions of dollars of refugee funds in the country. (Photo/Mark Garten).

First Uganda Was Very Nice To Refugees – Then It Stole From Them In Massive Fraud And Corruption

The audit also found stockpiled goods, more lying idle than had been distributed in the previous 12 months, including 288,000 blankets and 50,000 wheelbarrows.

Former president of Ghana John Mahama (R) with members of the Commonwealth observer mission to Kenya in 2017. (Photo/Commonwealth/Flickr).

To The Music Of ‘Democracy Is Dying’, 12 African Countries Head To The Polls In 2019: How Will It End?

There is proliferation of progressive forces at all levels of African politics. They are exposing and combating corruption and other abuses of power.