A health worker takes temperatures. (Photo/Claude Sengenya/IRIN).

DR Congo Is A World Champion In Tackling Ebola, The Latest Outbreak Is Its 10th

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THE Democratic Republic of Congo has more experience than any country when it comes to tackling Ebola. The latest outbreak, announced on August 1, is its 10th since the virus emerged in the country (near the Ebola River) in 1976.

Gabon, Sudan, and Uganda would be next on that list, with three major outbreaks apiece. However, this time around, theres an added problem: it broke out in North Kivu Province, where dozens of armed groups operate and where decades of conflict have devastated key infrastructure.

Hopes are high that the vaccine that may have helped quickly contain the previous outbreak last month in Equateur Province can do the same now. But tracing all those who have come into contact with suspected cases in the midst of an active warzone and then vaccinating them in time may not be possible.

There are also large population centres nearby, and international borders. As of end of last week, the outbreak had claimed 37 lives (nine confirmed as Ebola, 28 still being verified), but its worth getting up to speed now in case things get worse from here.



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