Moroccan and Senegalese UN peacekeepers in CAR. (Photo/Eskinder Debebe/UN).

Central African Republic Just Scored The Most Negative Feelings Of Any Nation In 10 Years Of A Global Survey

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THE strife-torn Central African Republic just broke a depressing record: it scored the most negative feelings of any country in 10 years of polling firm Gallups annual Global Emotions Report.

People in Paraguay and Colombia are the most upbeat, in the new survey of citizens in 145 countries claims. Gallups annual Global Emotions Report scores positive and negative feelings. The firm asked 154,000 people about laughter, respect, rest, and mental stimulation on one end of the spectrum, and about their stress, anger, sadness, physical pain, and worry on the other.

Three meh countries in which a significant proportion didnt report strong feelings one way or another include a surprising entry: Yemen, along with Belarus and Azerbaijan.

However, a note of caution: the Gallup poll doesnt include some countries facing profound political and humanitarian problems, including Burundi, North Korea,Somalia, and Sudan.




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