Tanzanians at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam at the inauguration John Pembe Magufuli in November 2015. (Photo: GCIS)

Tanzania’s Civil Society Raises Alarm, But Magufuli’s Toe-Stepping Ways Are No Big Deal To Some In Africa

Public support for freedom of association is far from universal in Africa; one-third (32%) of citizens say the government should be able to ban any organisation that goes against its policies.

Mo Ibrahim at a past event in Addis Ababa. His list of potential winners is short indeed. (Photo/ Flickr/ Mo Ibrahim Foundation)

No Winner For Ibrahim Prize, Again: Just Four Former Presidents In Africa Are Even Eligible

In all other countries, presidents have either died in office, been deposed in a coup or revolution, lost at the ballot, or changed the constitution to extend their term in office.

Only Mugabe (L) and Malawi's Kamuzu Banda (R) have managed to defy the odds and rule into their 90s. Banda nearly clocked 100.

Mugabe In The League Of Extraordinary Old Gentlemen: Will He Equal Malawi’s Kamuzu Banda?

Mugabe’s longevity is remarkable, considering that he has two agemates in Africa who left office long ago: Daniel arap Moi of Kenya and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia were both born in 1924, like Mugabe.

The ruins of a cell at Camp Boiro in Conakry, Guinea, where former secretary-general of the OAU Diallo Telli met his death. (Photo/ RFI)

After The AU Commission Chair Dust-Up: It Used To Be One Of Africa’s Most Dangerous Jobs

By virtue of the fact that the position was an international one that might require the holder to be at odds with the domestic politics of ones home country, several former secretaries-general met a depressing end.