Mursi woman, Ethiopia: The way culture and informality intersect today in much of Africa favours women, in a way that it doesn't for men. (Photo/ Rod Waddington)

An African Paradox: Why Poor Women Earn More Than Their Husbands, And The Power And Politics Behind It

Data from Kenya shows that contrary to expectation, the likelihood that a woman earns more relative to her husband decreases, rather than increases, with her education and wealth

All elections are a transaction of sorts. Citizens trade their vote for certain outcomes that are important to them. (Photo/ Flickr/ Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung)

The Logic Of Buying Votes In Africa: What Works, What Doesn’t, And What It All Means

When vote buying is successful, it works mostly because it is a signaling mechanism and not really because of the cold, hard monetary value of the bribe

DARFUR: 4 April was International Day of Mine Awareness. In Darfur, as a consequence of conflict, unexploded ordnances - which include land mines, shells and grenades - are a serious risk for civilians, especially children. (Photo/ UNAMID/ Albert Gonzalez Farran)

At A Time Of Chemical Attacks: Explosive Violence And The Most Dangerous Places To Be A Civilian In Africa

Syria isn’t the only place where use of chemical weapons has been reported – Sudan was suspected of using them in Darfur last year. Recent data shows explosive violence has been escalating in Somalia, but dropping in Nigeria

View from Kigali International Convention Centre, where the 2016 AU Summit was held. The question of AU financing has been a dead end for many ambitious continental plans. (Photo/ Flickr/ UN Photo/ Rick Bajornas)

As New AU Chair Mahamat Takes Office: The African Union’s Financing Headache, In Two Charts

Right from its inception, the AU has faced problems of member states not paying their dues on time; sanctions should kick in after a country has defaulted two years in a row

Nana Akufo-Addo: The president defended the appointments, saying that Ghana was facing huge problems and he needed a huge team to fix them.

Size Of Cabinets In Africa, As Ghana’s Akufo-Addo Names ‘Elephant’ Team Of 110 Ministers, And Counting

In Africa, larger cabinets are more common in post-conflict countries that are trying to build a broader national consensus, especially in countries with high political or ethnic fragmentation