Niger is the main transit country for large-scale smuggling across the Sahara desert towards North Africa. (Photo/ IRIN)

New Report Describes How African Migrants Cross The Sahara In Hopes Of Reaching Europe, But This Year Could Be Different

The moment migrants arrive at Agadez bus station in Niger, they become part of a vibrant smuggling economy. The whole journey to Europe could cost $3000-$5000

Amina Mohamed, Kenya's foreign affairs minister in 2013. (Photo/WTO/Studio Casagrande)

Kenya’s Amina Complains of ‘Tribalism’ At The AU, But Francophone ‘Dominance’ Goes Down To Africa’s Borders

Of the 12 former chairs of the AU commission (and its predecessor, the OAU), seven have been from Francophone countries. And when examined on a regional basis, six have been from West Africa.

President Jacob Zuma plays chess against Ybella Xulu, at a tournament held at Nkandla in 2013. Nkandla has become symbolic of Zuma's chess moves against corruption allegations. (Photo/ Flickr/GCIS)

Africa In The 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index: Some Gains, Some Slides, And Much Stagnation

Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe are the most improved African countries on the Corruption Perceptions index, but several others, including South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya failed to improve their scores