First Lady Bongi Ngema-Zuma hosts Zambian First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata, 26 Feb 2013. (Photo/ Government SA)

African Strongmen Marry Beauty, And The Democrats Choose Ordinary Girls

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IT would seem that you can tell the politics of an African leader by the looks of their wives. The strongmen and outright dictators tend to mostly be married to ‘typically’  beautiful First Ladies.

Of the 20 leaders who are married to First Ladies who are categorised as beautiful, only 4 (or 25 percent) are democrats. The rest are big men.

However, of the 15 African leaders married to matronly/motherly First Ladies, nine (or 60 percent) are democrats.

Because many of the presidents married before they became their countries’ leaders, their choice of bride can only be a loose indicator about how they will rule. However, once in power, the beautiful First Ladies probably become some kind of political bling, to make up for their democratic deficit. Democratic presidents, on the other hand, don’t need to put a shine on their legitimacy. They get it at the polls.

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