Adelle Onyango hosts a popular radio show on Kiss FM, the show regularly trends on Twitter under the hashtag #TeamADELLE. (Photo/ Adelle Onyango/ Facebook)

Africa On Twitter: Top Trends In Kenya, Jan – Jun 2016. Radio And TV Are King

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TWITTER is a growing force on the continent, driving conversations, activism and even a shared pan-African outlook, particularly among younger and better-educated users. Africa’s mobile data traffic is forecast to see a twenty-fold increase from 2013 to 2019, around twice the global growth rate.

In collaboration with data analytics firm Odipo Dev, we mined all the trends that have trended in Kenya, one of Africa’s most active countries on Twitter, over the first six months of 2016, to better gain an insight into the country’s digital atmosphere.


Radio and TV shows were the top trends during that period. Six of Kenya’s top ten trends were radio shows, and two were TV shows. It suggests that broadcast media is moving decisively to a second screen, at least for those who have access to a smartphone and the internet. People are listening to radio and watching television purposefully so that they can talk about it on Twitter.

It’s a way that audiences are gaining control and agency over their media consumption. While passively watching or engaging with content on one device (for example a TV set), they are simultaneously using a second one (most commonly a mobile phone) to actively continue the conversation.

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The top trend was #GainWithXtiandela, used mainly as a means to get new followers, trended almost every day in the six months from January to June. The hashtag asks you to retweet specific tweets so as to get followers.

This suggests the market in followers continues to be robust, as users try to ratchet up their follower base most likely in order to gain credence as an “influencer”.

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