Africa In The Quality Of Life Index, 2009

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Cost of Living: This is a guide to how much it will cost you to live in a style comparable to—or better than—the standard of living you’re likely enjoying in the U.S. Primary source is the US State Department’s Index of Overseas Living Costs, used to compute cost-of-living allowances for a Western-style of living in various countries. Also considered are each country’s income tax rates.

Culture and Leisure: Literacy rate, newspaper circulation per 1,000 people, primary and secondary school enrollment ratios, number of people per museum, and a subjective rating of the variety of cultural and recreational offerings.

Economy: Interest rates, GDP, GDP growth rate, GDP per capita, the inflation rate, and GNP per capita.

Infrastructure: Length of railways, paved highways, and navigable waterways in each country, and equate these things to each country’s population and size. Also considered is the number of airports, motor vehicles, telephones, Internet service providers, and cell phones per capita.

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