A Kamuina Nsapu fighter. (Photo/Philip Kleinfeld/IRIN).

200,000 Congolese Expelled From Angola: At Home, They Find The Same Peril They Fled

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TENSof thousands of refugees and migrant workers living in Angola were reportedly forced to return to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) last week, after the government in Luanda issued a notice urging all foreigners without documentation or temporary residence permits to leave the country.

As many as 200,000 Congolese were affected in the chaotic exercise.

After the outbreak of violence in the DRCs Kasai region last March, 1.4 million people were displaced while an estimated over 35,000 refugees fled into Angolas Lunda Norte Province.

Since being forcibly returned, reports say that some people are now sleeping out in the open or in churches. Kasai remains volatile, and clashes between militias and government forces regularly occur.

The conflict in the Kasai region pits Kamuina Nsapu, an anti-government movement, against Congolese security forces, who are accused of indiscriminately killing civilians during raids against the group.



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